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Kathy's Kamp

In high school, over the summers I worked at a summer enrichment camp with Families Forward Resource Center where I was a youth mentor for the ages 7 and 8. Our goal was to provide a safe, affordable childcare for working families. While working at the camp I was also the art teacher and came up with fun crafts for the kids to bring home to their parents. Working with kids at this age is a huge responsibility and great joy. As staff we took pride in teaching the kids to have respect for their peers, adults, and the spaces they entered when we went out on field trips.    

Creative Industries Internship

With the help of Goodwill Industries and Ohheckyeah this internship helps teens practice skills used in the design industry including design thinking, pitch deliver, code switching, photo documentation, networking, resume writing, blogging, etc.

Goodwill Industries of Denver brings an extensive high school career development curriculum to assist in formulating a career path prior to graduation from high school. Ohheckyeah is a first-of-its-kind arts + technology initiative.

      For two weeks we visited game design and coding companies and created a concept in small groups for an interactive game that can be played on the streets to bring people together. Once we finished our designs we pitched our ideas to Ohheckyeah.

Anderson Ranch

At Anderson Ranch their mission is to enrich lives with art, inspiration, and community. During my class there this is exactly what they accomplished. At Anderson Ranch you are able to take a variety of art classes and become apart of their community.

      I won a scholarship to take a class there and for one week I learned how to carve Alabaster stone. Along with art I created new friendships and art relationships. Expanding my horizons to stone carving was one thing, but the most important thing that I took from this experience was the sense of community and amazing people there.  

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